Guacha is your partner in Latin America, sourcing yarn and offering production services for the high-end fashion industry and home textile markets.

We are a young Latin American team driven by passion for aesthetics and sustainable practices in global business culture that celebrate and promote the unique fibers and textile savoir faire from Latin America.

Guacha is a garment manufacturing platform specialized in high quality Andean fibers, sourced from leading textile companies in Peru and Bolivia.

Through a vertically integrated supply chain located in Peru and Bolivia, we present a 100% traceable production, from yarn to apparel production.

Inspired by our strong commitment to social and environmental sustainability, GUACHA is one of its kind in the textile and fashion industry. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service and a wide range of high quality production facilities through our trusted network of manufacturing partners.

Our experience working with different business models gives us the ability to accommodate to your company’s particular needs.

We strive to be efficient, service oriented and reliable.

Get inspired by Guacha: modern design embellishing nobel fibers.



General manager

Following her intuition and passion for design and textiles, she turned her vision into Guacha´s Universe, founding the company’s values on a strong commitment towards sustainability and ethical practices.  

As a fashion industry enthusiast, designer, and leading manager, she travels around the world, networking, inspiring, and promoting the legacy and modern interpretations of Latin American textiles.

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Our Clients

Here some of our great and trustful clients with whom we build a strong relationship along the years.
Thanks to their confidence we are part of their design and production process.

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