The llama clothed the  World’s most powerful empires and provided a vital means of transportation within their territories. A beast of burden, it supplied textile fiber for the sustenance and development of ancient societies, and it is raised to this day by Andean folk.

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Adapting to the extreme  of the Peruvian Andes, alpacas grow a thick hair coat that allows them to keep warm in the harsh winter months. Once the weather softens, they are sheared, leaving behind the soft fibers of their winter coat.

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Pima Cotton

Its origins date back to its cultivation in Peru as far as 31000b.c. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra long staple lenght and havesting, Peruvian Pima Cotton is the world`s finest Pima, prized for its exceptional softness and brilliant luster, as well as its durability. One touch is all it takes to show you just how luxourious a cotton can be.

Organic Cotton

Grown and harvested in Peru without the use of any chemicals or genetically modified organisms, the Organic Cotton ensures that products containing cotton are safe from toxins and chemicals that harm consumers, farmers, and the cotton itself.


With the timeless elegance of this noble fiber, we showcase some really fantastic blends with Silk . These are all really delicate, with dreamy textures, and they all benefit from the sheen the silk provides.

Sheep Wool

A natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre that’s gentle on sensitive skin . Andean Highland wool as well as Merino wool are the natural clothing choice to create incredible blends both with Alpaca and Llama fibers.


Linen comes from the flax plant and is the one of the oldest fibers used by man. Because of its durability and absorbency generations it has been the first choice for summer wear, and the most amazing blends given to its unique style.


Through  joining monomers into polymers,  synthetic yarns can have many different uses and qualities. When blended with natural fibers it is possible to create each season fantastic textures and fancy yarns, giving a twist of fantasy to natural and nobel yarns as Alpaca and Lama.