Guacha combines this complex legacy with modern design, reflecting the craftsmanship of Latin American artisans to showcase the quality of these fibers.
We design and produce handmade garments through the following techniques:
  • Hand Weaving
  • Hand Knitting
  • Hand Embroidery
New forms of handcrafting techniques are being expressed through a new generation of artisans who interpret modern design using ancient techniques.
Guacha celebrates and presents a unique opportunity to combine handmade finishings with high-quality industrial garment production. We offer our clients the unique opportunity to work with talented artisans to bring their vision to life.
We offer a combination of modern technology and ancient tradition.

Hand Knitting

A revolution is happening in the world of hand-knitting in Latin America. Fashion manufacturers work together with artisans to certify, optimize the process of hand knitting.

Hand knitting is part of the rich Andean textile tradition and it`s an essential part of the native culture. The artisans of Latin America are immensely skilled and have a high capacity to interpret modern design along with a willingness to constantly improve hand finishes.

Hand Weaving

Traditional weaving is an important component of the high Andean culture, it is a medium through which communities communicate their thoughts and feelings about the natural world and civil experiences.

This traditional practice from Latin America offers the global design community the opportunity to develop modern handwoven creations to showcase in their collection developments.

Hand weaving tradition meets modern design.

Hand Embroidery

Exceptionally fine, rare, and beautifully crafted hand embroidery techniques on hand woven textiles are found in the ancient cultures of Latin America, reaching as far back as 8,000 years.

Together with Guacha, you can explore a wide range of South American embroidery stitches, both ancient and modern, to embellish your designs.