As top-level manufacturing facilities, our manufacturing partners in the region are equipped with cutting-edge Shima and Stoll multi-gauge knitting machines and Italian Nuovo Pignone looms for woven fabrics.
All of our production facilities have qualified engineers, in-house design departments and quality control procedures designed to achieve a competitive and unique product and to ensure the quality, fit, and fabric integrity of each garment we produce.
Together with our partners, we ensure an experienced team and the capacity to interpret each of our clients’ needs in order to achieve and deliver the finest results.
Each garment reflects, in both detail and overall appearance, the experience and knowledge applied along our value chain.

Hand Knitting

A revolution is happening in the world of hand-knitting in Latin America. Fashion manufacturers work together with artisans to certify, optimize the process of hand knitting.

Hand knitting is part of the rich Andean textile tradition and it`s an essential part of the native culture. The artisans of Latin America are immensely skilled and have a high capacity to interpret modern design along with a willingness to constantly improve hand finishes.

Industrial Knitting

The latest technologies enables fashion companies to develop collections ranging from limited luxury editions to the finest quality best sellers.

From chunky winter look to minimalistic summer styles, we cover a wide scope of industrial knitwear possibilities.

Multi-gauge knitting machines covering GG 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 enable the development of various knitting techniques and finishings including: two face jerseys, jacquard, intarsia, cables and multiple gauges in same garment, along with many other options to satisfy clients’ design needs.

Hand Weaving

Traditional weaving is an important component of the high Andean culture, it is a medium through which communities communicate their thoughts and feelings about the natural world and civil experiences.

This traditional practice from Latin America offers the global design community the opportunity to develop modern handwoven creations to showcase in their collection developments.

Hand weaving tradition meets modern design.

Industrial Weaving

Beautiful  fabrics can be made with nobel fibers in the industrial woven facilities, offering a wide range of design development, fabric compositions and weight.
Production partners meet all quality standards and have the machinery from the weaving to the finishing process to ensure customer needs in quality and delivery times.

With latest technology in Somet and Nuovo Pignone weaving looms as well as Donier Jacquard, Latin American manufacturers provides the possibility to develop plain woven fabrics as well as jacquard designs.

A Stock Service of fabrics and woven accessories such scarves, blankets, ponchos, stoles, plaids ,throws,shawls, pashmines is available all year long.

Hand Embroidery

Exceptionally fine, rare, and beautifully crafted hand embroidery techniques on hand woven textiles are found in the ancient cultures of Latin America, reaching as far back as 8,000 years.

Together with Guacha, you can explore a wide range of South American embroidery stitches, both ancient and modern, to embellish your designs.